Ghana Plantation Equal Opportunities

Our plantations in Ghana are equal opportunity plantations, particularly as many women in Ghana tend to have an incredible in-depth knowledge of their local forests and trees. Their knowledge helps us to improve our sustainable management and include traditional flora and fauna as well as giving us a better understanding of biological diversity in the area. Working with the local community is important and planting trees and plants that have traditionally been used for food and medicine is one way to maintain these essential links. Not only do such plants bring value in terms of the well-being of local households and communities, they are also important in improving incomes and food security too.


In addition to this we also encourage local women to form / join forest user groups where we can help them to learn about newer processing techniques and how to access different markets as well as more modern energy sources.


By taking such measures we are confident that we are making a tangible improvement to the lives and livelihoods of people in the forest communities.

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