For hundreds of years Teak has been valued for its versatility and unique properties and has become one of the most in-demand woods for building and construction. It is used to build everything from boats to mine props to high quality furniture as well as on electricity and telegraph poles and important structural supports.

  • Because it is resistant to termites, teak is in great demand when it comes to construction and outdoor products.
  • It is also extremely water resistant, meaning it is ideal for coastal building projects, underground construction and general house building.
  • Similarly, it is also particularly resistant to salt-water, making it perfect for building boats and boat decking.
  • Teak has greater vertical strength than steel or concrete, another reason it is so widely seen as a premium timber.

Our plantations are also able to maximise investment returns by managing every aspect of the production of teak. This means they are controlling production right from the planting of the trees all the way through to the processing of end products, meaning we can maximise profits at every step of the supply chain and can supply according to current profit centres in the market.

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