Corporation Tax Rebates With GDPR

Has your Corporation Tax bill been larger than £20000 in the past 2 Years? Do you feel you've not focused on GDPR enough? If so, learn more about corporation tax rebates Scroll Down for full Article

Even though many companies believe they are GDPR compliant, according to research, at least 90% of UK businesses are noncompliant. For example, is your firm registered with the Information Commissioner‘s Office (ICO)? Millions of firms in the United Kingdom are not.

Many of the claim companies and law firms that assisted consumers in making PPI claims are retraining now that the PPI Claims bonanza has ended, seeing what the next major target is: GDPR compensation from businesses. If you look up “No Win No Fee” in Google, you’ll discover that more and more claim firms are sprouting up looking for claimants. The media has been increasingly focusing on GDPR data breaches, with eye-watering penalties. – you may recall British Airways was fined £20m for data breaches a few weeks ago.

Every business should have a GDPR Compensation claims pot in place, but the fact is that most businesses don’t, resulting in their protection fund adding to the declared gross profits, resulting in additional Corporation tax being paid.

We can assist you with calculating the amount, and value of GDPR claims risks specific to your company. Typically, once we understand what a customer does to acquire, store, and use data, they may put a monetary value on that risk; Because of this, clients may gain up to two years’ Corporation Tax from HMRC because of their partnership with us. They’ve already completed over 30 cases and have received full approval for every one from HMRC.

We’re GDPR experts and its not just because we can generate a lot of money for you in four to six weeks. We also recognize the need for businesses to address the GDPR non-compliance issue as soon as possible once their danger has been determined. We have created GDPR-specific software that assists clients in avoiding future lawsuits by providing them with a framework for addressing their GDPR compliance concerns. In addition, offering GDPR staff awareness training is an extremely successful approach to reduce GDPR non-compliance at the workplace.

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