Granny flat

Modern furniture in luxurious loft

A granny flat is a type of dwelling designed for elderly and/or infirm members of the family to live in while requiring less care. The dwellings are often attached to or nearby the main house. They may also have their own entrance to provide a level of independence. A granny flat may be an ideal solution for older couples who are still independent but need assistance with daily tasks such as bathing, dressing, cooking and cleaning.

A granny flat might also be used by an adult child who feels they would like some privacy when visiting their parent’s home. They could have the added convenience of having their own bedroom and kitchenette which would allow them to make their own hot meals instead of being reliant on their parents and other

Granny flats have many other names that are based on what country they’re in. In Australia, they’re called sleepouts or granny flats. In New Zealand, you might hear them called grandmother flats. The English-speaking country of Canada also calls them annexes. They’re also sometimes referred to as an “in-law apartment”.