Legal Title

Transfer house ownership.

A legal title is a range of rights for the owner of an asset. The interests may be separated and held by parties who each posses different legal or equitable rights. One can also refer to a document which documents ownership of property. It must be transferred in order to transfer the rights to another person. The owner may have possession of a thing while the legal title belongs to another person, or vice versa.

Land registration and recording provide public notice of ownership information in the US. Proof of title normally comes from a title report written up by a title insurance company, which shows the history of property ownership (property abstract and chain of title) according to recorded public records deeds.;

A person with title to property can convey the interests associated with that title to another person. This is done by deeds in the case of land, or by wills and trusts for property more generally.

Ordinarily, to transfer property a deed needs to be executed (signed) and then recorded with the appropriate governmental agency (recording office). The recording of title provides public notice of ownership information.