Mixed-use Developments

Steel House Frame Development

Mixed-use development refers to urban, suburban or village development—or even a single building—that blends the functions of residential, commercial, cultural, institutional and industrial uses. These elements are built into one another and provide pedestrians with avenues for movement in those spaces..

The term “mixed-use development” may be used to describe a building or district that was developed for mixed-use by a private developer, government agency, or both.

Traditionally, human settlements have developed a mixed-use pattern. However, with industrialisation and the invention of the skyscraper, government zoning regulations were introduced to separate different functions such as manufacturing from residential areas.

Standard benefits:

– You can live, work, and play in the same place.

– You get to be close to the people you care about.

Emotional benefits:

– Connect with your community on a deeper level.

– Explore new experiences that are just outside your door.