Compensation for Consumer Wealth Limited Victims

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Consumer Wealth Limited is now in liquidation. This means that they have ceased trading and are winding up their affairs. It is estimated that the total amount of money owed to consumers by Consumer Wealth Limited exceeds £1 billion pounds, a figure which has left many people with no other option but to take legal action against them. The Financial Conduct Authority has stated that those who invested funds into Consumer Wealth Limited should not only contact their financial adviser or investment company, If you’t like to claim back some or all of the money that you lost .

You can also contact the Financial Ombudsman Service or make a complaint to the FCA.
By reading this article you will be better informed about your options and have greater awareness of what legal action is available to you.

Was Consumer Wealth Limited, the company who advised you to invest your pension in The Resort Group, responsible for the loss of your pension?

Many of Consumer Wealth Limited clients were encouraged to investing the The resort group via a SIPP. The Resort Group was a hotel development in Africa that is considered to be high risk and unregulated.

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