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Pos Restaurant

Pos Restaurant

Shopping and evaluating the best Australian point of sale software can be challenging, especially since there are several of them that might even get you confused on where to begin. You need for sure to give yourself plenty of time to compare the features and functions of different systems before buying.

While making your choice of point of sales systems, there are some key features you should look out for, and we've highlighted them below.

Easy Setup and Configuration

Some POS companies produce systems that are complex to set up and configure. You'll be surprised that configuring simple tasks such as setting menu items or prices on some POS systems can be tricky. Before purchasing a restaurant POS system, find out how easy it is to add, remove, or change menu items and prices.

Some systems require you to reboot your entire server and workstations once you make changes to your menu or seating arrangement for the changes to reflect. I think that is entirely unnecessary.

If it takes more than a few minutes to make a simple menu or price adjustment, you should reconsider. Newer POS systems have intuitive and straightforward interfaces that make configuration and setup easy.

Ease of Use

One of the key features that you must look out for in every POS system is its ease of use. Seeing or participating in a product presentation is the easiest way to achieve this. Most POS system companies offer an onsite or remote live demonstration of their products to their prospective clients. Some also provide downloadable software demos for your computer or tablet.

It would be best to look out for how easy it is to do simple tasks such as placing orders, sending tickets to the kitchen, reordering drinks, splitting checks, and quick check out.

Quality Reporting

One feature that the best POS for retail outlets never excludes from their product is quality reporting. The report feature gives you an overview of how well your business has run over a specific period, allowing you to make informed decisions that will improve the business's chances of success.

The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) feature gives restaurants reports on item sales, sales vs. labor costs, employee labor, seating arrangements, etc.

Table Management and Reservations

Top-rated POS systems for pubs and cafes should have table management and reservation features. You'll undoubtedly need this functionality if you're doing table seating or handling your front-of-house operations.

You'll need to keep track of the status of your tables at any time. For example, which tables are cleared, filled, or unoccupied. The POS restaurant software can also integrate with a reservation system to easily change your table status based on customer requests, thereby allowing you to manage your tables and seating arrangement seamlessly.

Marketing Tools

Raising money from consumers is an integral part of marketing but having the resources and tools you need to advertise and expand your business is equally important. You want your POS to have functionality that can help you increase sales and keep consumers coming back.

Not all POS systems for restaurants in Australia come with marketing tools pre-installed. Most, however, will work with third-party vendors that excel at this. And therefore, when you're looking at POS features, make sure to check out the marketing choices. If not, look at whether third-party communications firms combine with the POS.

In summary, it might be surprising that many POS systems do not have all these essential features programmed in them. However, features like those highlighted above and many others make ours the best restaurant POS software in Australia.

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