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Regardless of your economic class, everyone owns assets that they have worked hard for. Assets consist of any valuables that you possess, including property, shares, bank accounts, and any other investments.

Every day we encounter risks to our assets, which could potentially result in liabilities; these risks can range from damage to lawsuits, bankruptcy, bad creditors, taxation, and even divorce. These liabilities could result in legal actions that could jeopardise the ownership or integrity of your assets if you do not take appropriate precautions.

To protect the value of your assets and your wealth, you need an innovative and advanced personal tax planning strategy that will allow you to capitalise on your income while minimising your liabilities.

To accomplish this, you need an experienced and knowledgeable offshore tax planning specialist that has exclusive insight on how to navigate the economic market in a way that takes the most advantage of tax benefits and legal allowances.
These specialists can advise you and help you determine exactly how to distribute your wealth to minimise your tax liability and maximise your benefits—all while meeting legal obligations.


Seeking an offshore tax planning specialist can help you retain your wealth and income using 100% legal actions to minimise your tax payable and other liabilities.
If you are a tax payer in the UK (whether as a business, sole trader, partnership, or individual) you may qualify for a personalised tax strategy using a uniquely designed Offshore Trust Fund.

This trust fund will be sanctioned by the HMRC tax inspectorate, officially authorising it as a legal fund, as opposed to an illegal method of tax evasion. Because of the transparency regarding this uniquely designed offshore trust fund, all assets and monies stored in this account will fall outside of UK tax jurisdictions.

One of the greatest advantages of using an Offshore Trust Fund is that your assets and monies are not only protected from HM Revenues and Customers, but they are also protected in the event of personal or legal disputes. For example, if you are undergoing a divorce, your assets are safely locked in your Offshore Account and are not accessible to unauthorised users. The same is true for commercial disputes; for example, if your business incurs a liability, your offshore funds are still protected.

If you are a company director, you have likely invested large sums into your business, and the weight of financial accountability can be stressful without asset protection. This is especially true when you are responsible for the livelihood of your employees, and you have made significant investments in your company’s start up. If your business fails, or if your company gets into a legal dispute with another enterprise, company directors may be held financially responsible for any liabilities.

For these reasons, it is especially important for company directors to invest in the financial safety and security that offshore trust funds provide, as any funds stored in these accounts are protected.

These offshore trust fund accounts provide a resourceful method to safeguard one’s hard earned assets and income, which is why moderate to high earners should consider opening one of these accounts as a sensible step to protect vulnerable finances.

When it comes to opening an offshore trust fund account, the many legal ambiguities, restrictions, and requirements can be difficult to navigate without expert advice.

Many who try to take on the task alone without proper information, find themselves going in circles because the process can become rather complicated if you do not follow important steps.

To help minimise our customers’ confusion, we have outlined the most simple and effective structure for asset protection and tax mitigation:


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